Anna's Roundtable: A Fire Emblem Tabletop Fan Project


This is a Pre-Order of the full game of Anna's Roundtable.


Pre Order Exclusive Bonuses:

  • Decorative acrylic standee of Original Anna (Preview)
  • 5 Exclusive Anna Unit Cards (Preview) (4 more to be revealed)


ETA for delivery: July - September of 2020

Pre-Orders Deadline: May 15th, 2020


    Pre Order Stretch Goals:

    The more Pre-Orders we get, the cheaper manufacturing costs become, allowing us to add even more Pre-Order bonuses using the savings in manufacturing!

    (Current status: 190/500)

    • @ 200 pre-orders: Custom unit meeples shaped after FE3H houses (Preview)
    • @ 350 pre-orders: A 120 page 5.5" x 8.5" gloss print art book to feature the work of all of our invited artists!
    • @ 500 pre-orders: 3" base Acrylic standees for all of the bosses to be used in 1 vs Many game mode (Preview tba)


    About the Project:

    Anna's Roundtable is a community revival of the original fire emblem board game fan project first posted to reddit as a free print and play game in 2017.

    This new game is a completely remastered version of that original project, with completely re-designed rules, a much more streamlined experience, and over 150 cards featuring original art from over 100 talented artists.



    • 2 players (1 v 1): 30 minutes
    • 4 players (2 v 2): 45 - 60 minutes
    • 1 - 4 Players (Solo or Co-Op): 30 - 60 minutes



    At it's core, Anna's Roundtable is a 1 v 1 tactical dueling game where players take turns to establish control of the map center. Players gain victory points by maintaining control of the map center or by defeating their opponent's units, and win by reaching 20 victory points.


    Both players will draw from a shared deck of over 150 unit cards to form a hand of always 4 cards, and can mulligan 1 card each turn. Each player can only deploy 1 unit per turn, and can have a maximum of 3 units deployed at a time. Each of your deployed units must also be a different color: Red, Green, Blue, or Colorless.


    The classic Fire Emblem weapon triangle returns in full force, as units will gain or lose attack power based on their match up. Red beats Green, Green beast Blue, and Blue beast Red. Properly positioning your 3 units to take advantage of the triangle is paramount to victory.


    Rulebook: Read the Ver 4.3 rulebook here!



    • 2 Piece Game Box - 10" x 10" x 3"
    • 2 Map Boards - 9" x 9" square 1.5mm boards, reversible
    • 150+ Unit Cards - Premium 310gsm Black Core Linen Textured Cardstock
    • 8 Terrain tiles - 1.5" rounded Square 2mm Chits - Matte Finish
    • 12 Special Ability Tokens - 0.75" round 2mm Chits - Matte Finish
    • 12 Shapeshift Tokens - 1" round 2mm Chits - Matte Finish
    • 25 Anna Coins - 1" round 2mm Chits - Matte Finish
    • 16 Custom Meeples - 4 Shapes (Lion, Eagle, Deer, and Wolf), with 4 colors each
    • 16 Hp Tracking Cubes - 10mm wood cubes, 4 different colors
    • 20 Dragon Vein Crystals - 1" Light Purple Acrylic Crystals
    • 2 Scoring Gems - 1" Transparent Glass Gems for keeping score
    • 1 Critical Attack Dice - 25mm custom dice for critical attacks
    • 4 Boss Tiles - 3" Square 2mm Tiles - Matte Finish
    • 40 Boss Cards - Deck of boss AI actions


    Because this is a small batch product, I source components from different manufacturers and hand pack each item to get the best possible component quality possible for the price.