Code Geass: Knightmare Chess


As of 2/24/2020, the price of this item was increased from 50$ to 70$. Those who have already pre-ordered this game will still receive the final product without an increase in price. 


Some radical changes have been made to the final product components. 


Here are some of the changes:

  • Removed - Cardboard chits for chess pieces 
  • Added - Plastic Staunton design chess pieces, 3¾" tall King with a 1½" base.
  • Removed - Cardboard chess board, quad fold 10"x10"
  • Added - 14" x 24" Neoprene playmat with 14" x 14" chess board and  5" x 14" palyer's zones
  • Removed - 5 x 5 x 2 box
  • Added - 14.5" x 6" x 2.4" box (stores playmat, chess pieces, and cards)




This is a Pre-Order of Code Geass: Knightmare Chess


ETA for delivery: July - September of 2020


Images are of a prototype. Final product may still look different.


About the Project:

Code Geass is my favorite anime of all time, and if I'm going to be self publishing fan made board games, theres no way a Code Geass game would slip out from under me. This game takes the basic concept of Steve Jackson's 1991 Knightmare Chess and polishes it to a razer fine experience, balanced and designed to be enjoyed right out of the box!

If you are like me and grew up watching Code Geass and went to Chess Club to play yugioh and magic, then this game will be perfect for you.



  • 2 players (1 v 1): 30 minutes


Players will play as Lelouch and Schneizel, facing off in an chess match with no regard for the rules. Each player will have a unqiue, pre-assembled deck of 22 different cards, themed after Lelouch and Schneizel's abilities and forces.

Drawing from your deck to form your hand, you may choose to play 1 card on each of your turns before moving a piece. These cards will allow you to change the ways a piece can move, change the state of the board, or even lay down traps for your opponent.

Cards do not allow you to directly capture your opponent's King, so careful planing is still required to achieve checkmate. 


    Rulebook: Read the rulebook here!


    This game can be played with a standard chess set



    • 2-Piece Game Box (14/5" x 6" x 2.4") - Gloss Finish
    • 22 Lelouch Cards - Premium Linen Textured Cardstock
    • 22 Schneizel Cards - Premium Linen Textured Cardstock
    • 16 Gold Chess Pieces - Standard Staunton design, 3.75" tall king, 1.5" base, plastic polymer
    • 16 Purple chess pieces - Standard Staunton design, 3.75" tall king, 1.5" base, plastic polymer
    • 14" x 24" neoprene playmat - 14" x 14" chess board in the center, 5" x 14" palyer's zones on the ends


    Because this is a small batch product, I source components from different manufacturers and hand pack each item to get the best possible component quality possible for the price.