The Persona 5 Phan Game

The Persona 5 Phan Game

The second print run of 50 copies has sold out again! (As of December 2019)


Unfortunately, since this project was always intended to be a free print & play only, I'm unlikely to do another print run of it. Althought it is done in very small numbers, it is both financially inefficient (it's expensive as hell to only print 50 copies) and dubious with it's use of non-originally produced assets.


If I have an opportunity to make another small batch tho, I will let people know via discord and mailing list.




About the Project:

The Persona 5 Phan Game is a board game project that began with its inception in mid-2018. It was first posted on Reddit as a free Print & Play in late 2018 and gained widespread recognition after multiple positive reviews from Kotaku, Sequential Planet, and more.


Play it solo or with a friend! The Persona 5 Phan Game is a light engine building game of resource and time management.


Read the Kotaku Review here!



  • 1 player solo: 30 minutes
  • 2 player co-op: 45 minutes



There are only 28 days on the calendar for you (and possibly a friend) to take down the palace of a corrupted adult! On each day, you must decide between gaining resources, recruiting confidants, or discovering new areas of the city. Once prepared, spend your day in the palace fighting off waves upon waves of Shadows. When you reach the end of the palace, the palace owner will reveal themselves!

To acomplish this in just 28 days, you'll have to carefully manage your turns and resources, decide which allies to recruit, and choose when to head into the palace. With 4 different palaces of increasing difficulty to attempt, 8 different phantom theives to play as, and a "wildcard" mode when playing as Joker, the Persona 5 Phan game promises plenty of entertainment and replayability, by yourself or with a friend!


    Rulebook: Read the Game Rules here



    • 2-Piece Game Box (5" x 4" x 2.5")
    • 21 Confidant Cards
    • 15 Location Cards
    • 80 Shadow Cards
    • 4 Palace Tarot Cards
    • 8 Phantom Thief Tarot Cards
    • Reference Tarot Card
    • Calendar Tarot Card
    • 20 Damage Markers
    • 10 Social Stat Dice Markers
    • 6 Phantom Thief Dice
    • 42 Resource Tokens (HP, SP, Bullet)
    • 12 Mona Cash tokens
    • 2 Player Meeples


    Because this is a small batch product, I source components from different manufacturers and hand pack each item to get the best possible component quality possible for the price.