This is a DIY kit for assembling the free Print and Play game Persona 5


Items are on hand, delivery will take place within 7-14 days within the US, and within 7-21 days if outside of the US.


Please note that laser cut chits will have soot along the edges that will need to be wiped off.


You will get everything you see in the picture (and some dice):


- 1 Blank set up box

- 1 Printed out box cover to glue on to the box

- 12 laser cut HP chits

- 12 laser cut SP chits

- 12 laser cut Bullet chits

- 12 laser cut Cash chits

- 14 machine printed tarot cards

- 80 machine printed shadow cards

- 21 machine printed confidant cards

- 15 machine printed location cards

- 20 clear red damage markers

- 12 phantom theif stickers for 16mm blank dice (not pictured)

- 6 16mm blank dice for rolling stat checks (not pictured)


What you will NOT get:

- 10 x 12mm dice for tracking social stats

(You can get these dice anywhere, but I recommend Chessex Dice as they're very pretty)

Persona 5 DYI Kit