[The Persona 5 Phan Game] does a tremendous job of making its tabletop experience feel a lot like the digital one. In isolation, [it's] rules and mechanics are still a lot of fun, but the real joy here is in seeing how they apply in relation to what you already know and love from Persona 5.


[The Persona 5 Phan Game] is a fun tabletop experience that can be remarkable when played by fans, [and] Its creative use of the various mechanics are impressive. [Although] those unfamiliar with the video game won’t get as much mileage, this is still a fine tabletop game.


I absolutely love [The Persona 5 Phan Game]. It really feels like a fantastic recreation of the game in bite-sized format, everything from the mad scramble for time, to carefully puzzling out the optimal attack sequence to wipe a floor in one shot for maximum efficiency. Gold star, mate, gold star.