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We are working on the Expansion now.
A reprint of the base game will be available to pre-order as well.

Pre-orders begin June 20th

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The most ambitious
Fire emblem Project EVER


  • 300 x 300 x 90 mm 2 piece game box

  • Hard plastic organizer w/ plastic lid

  • 201 Unit cards & 39 Shop Cards

  • Over 100 contributing artists

  • 15 VP Tokens & 9 VP Cards

  • 16 Screen printed XL meeples

  • 30 Damage markers & 30 Anna coins

  • 20 Acrylic dragon vein crystals

  • 12 Acrylic shapeshift and special ability gems

  • 2 XL Wooden Dice

  • 4 Co-op bosses w/ tiles, boards, & decks

  • 2 Reversible maps

  • 4 Reversible player boards

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Character Container.png

"And [Fire Emblem] fans, playing both as players but also fans, will love it. For the game itself, sure, but also for the way it goes overboard on its presentation, with deluxe components and a quality of art surpassing many big commercial games, let alone other fan-driven projects."

- Luke Plunkett

Character Container.png

The tactical elements, the weapons triangle, the board movement, being annoyed by terrain; this definitely captures a lot of things that I remember about Fire Emblem and ports them into a tactical board game. I think some players may be saddened by the lack of conversational / support elements, but, can’t have everything.

Character Container.png

Fully embracing the theme is what makes Anna’s Roundtable so special. The giant pool of units and faithful gameplay makes Anna’s Roundtable feel like a Fire Emblem title. The tiles all have a retro appearance to them. The various tokens and units breathe extra life into everything. It’s easy to feel a bit of nostalgia when playing.

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