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Dawn of Heroes - The AR Expansion

Dawn of Heroes - The AR Expansion



The Anna's Roundtable expansion is here! With 200 new unit cards and 22 new shop cards, this massive expansion DOUBLES the content of the game!!! The expansion uses the new updated UI of 2nd edition (color blind friendly HP icons) and will be printed on high quality 330 gsm black core card stock (not plastic).


The base game box is also designed to have enough space to fit all of the expansion content, so you won't need to worry about having a second box to store all this Fire Emblem love.


And if that wasn't enough, the expansion also features 5 new bosses to play in solo and co-op!! Face off against Grima, Duma, Anankos, Rhea, and Medeus in a revamped boss AI system.


You must own the base game (either the original or the reprint) to use the expansion.


If you own the original base game, make sure to pick up the UPDATE PATCH as well to bring your original copy of Anna's Roundtable up to the expansion's standard of quality and balance!




Free to play digitally:




      Double the base game's contents!

      • 200 new unit cards from over 100 artists
      • 21 new shop cards
      • 5 new co-op bosses w/ tiles, boards, & decks


        Estimated delivery by end of 2024
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