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The Persona 5 Phan Game

"From the theme, to your strategies, to the contrasting emotions of never-ending stress and pleasure, The Unofficial Persona 5 Phan Game does a tremendous job of making its tabletop experience feel a lot like the digital one." - Kotaku


  • 1 player solo: 30 minutes
  • 2 player co-op: 45 minutes


There are only 28 days on the calendar for you (and a friend) to take down the palace of a corrupted adult. On each day, you must decide between gaining resources, recruiting confidants, or discovering new areas of the city. Once prepared, spend your day in the palace fighting off waves upon waves of Shadows. When you reach the end of the palace, the palace ruler will reveal themselves. Defeat the ruler of each palace to win the game!




  • 2-Piece Game Box (7.25" x 5" x 3.75")
  • 23 Confidant Cards
  • 15 Location Cards
  • 80 Shadow Cards
  • 4 Palace Sheets
  • 8 Phantom Thief Sheets
  • 8 Phantom Thief Persona Cards
  • Reference Sheet
  • Calendar Sheet
  • 20 Damage Markers
  • 10 Social Stat Tracking Dice
  • 6 Phantom Thief Dice
  • 48 Resource Tokens (HP, SP, Bullet)
  • 12 Mona Cash tokens
  • 2 Custom Meeples

The Persona 5 Phan Game

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$60.00Sale Price
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