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Join The 1st Official Re;ACT Tournament!

Saturday, March 11th - 1 PM EST

Held on the Brother Ming Games Discord and played via Screentop. Voice chat and English will be required for the tournament.

  • ALL PARTICIPANTS will receive an tournament exclusive art card featuring wickedalucard's adorable Tattooist thank you art! 

  • PLAYERS WITH 3 OR MORE WINS will receive our season one promotional playmat set! A pair of two 14 x 28 inch playmats with a connected design.

The tournament itself will be 4 rounds. Each round will last 60 minutes, and ALL players with at least 3 wins will win a set of promotional playmats!

Each round of the tournament will be a 1 vs 1 best of 3 match. At the start of the round, each player will select 2 characters to play during the match. You must win a game with BOTH characters in order to win the round.

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